Edward Millen Parklands

Project Vision

The Edward Millen Park Upgrade is a landmark regional project combining a destination parkland with the restoration and redevelopment of the State Heritage-listed building. Set within a 4.7-hectare landscape, the Edward Millen parkland is a much-loved exercise and recreation space for Town residents and community members. The upgrade will see the installation of an amphitheatre and performance space, BBQ facilities, public toilets, shelters and more, all under a significant volume of protected tree canopy. Interpretive artistic elements throughout the park will represent the unique history of the site.

Play Area

At the heart of the park will be an expansive play area, beneath the canopy of existing mature trees. This play space has been designed to provide specialised recreational opportunities for children with autism, the first of its kind in Western Australia. The various play elements, such as ropes, nets, slides, spinning plates and talking tubes,
provide sensory stimulation experiences that complement more passive recreation zones. The playground will provide enjoyment for all children and includes elements educating
the public on contemporary concepts of neurodiversity.

Project Objectives

  • Realise the full potential of the expansive Edward Millen Park, complementing the State Heritage-listed building restoration.
  • Attract recreation and leisure visitors to East Victoria Park.
  • Deliver a well-considered and respectfully adaptive redevelopment result for the community, including the estimated one in 70 Australians on the autism spectrum.
  • Create an inclusive play space where all children can feel safe and welcome.
  • Complements the Federal goals of supporting community access for people living with a disability.

The Opportunity

Let’s work together to improve community access and inclusivity for one of the most treasured and historically important sites in the Town. This work will be supported by the larger heritage redevelopment works of Edward Millen house, which will become a key destination for locals and showcase Western Australian history.

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