Lathlain Park Zone 1

Project Background

Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project

The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project (LPRP) is a $100 million revitalisation project aimed at creating a world class sporting and community precinct in Lathlain.

The project is made up of eight zones, most of which have been delivered.


  • Zone 2 – Community Activity
  • Zone 3 – West Coast Eagles
  • Zone 4 – Lathlain Place
  • Zone 5 – Rayment Park
  • Zone 6 – Community Building
  • Zone 7 – Equitable Access
  • Zone 8 – Scouts Building


  • Zone 1 – Perth Football Club

The zone in focus for 2021 and beyond is Zone 1 – Perth Football Club.

Zone 1 - Perth Football Club

Zone 1 considers the redevelopment of the Perth Football Club building and immediate surrounds.

The 63 year old grandstand does not meet current sporting code or accessibility standards and is no longer fit for purpose.

LPRP Zone 1 will involve replacement of the dilapidated grandstand and construction of new facilities spanning football administration, training, spectator and community facilities.

The Town are working closely with the Perth Football Club and other key stakeholders to deliver a contemporary, multi-use facility for the whole community.

In September 2020, the Lathlain Park Advisory Group was formed to support and advise Council in the design stage of the project.

The advisory group is made up of two elected members, two community members, two subject matter experts from the Town, plus representatives from the Perth Football Club and the Western Australian Football Commission.

In April 2021, architect consultants Hames Sharley were appointed to the redevelopment after a competitive tender process. 

At the 17 August 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council endorsed the vision and aspirations for the redevelopment of Lathlain Zone 1.

The vision and aspirations were developed by architects Hames Sharley, based on extensive community consultation and further refined with the Lathlain Park Advisory Group.

Vision & Aspirations


Lathlain Park Zone 1 is revitalised as a contemporary, multipurpose centre. A dynamic place, that caters for the diverse needs of its community for generations to come.


A sympathetic, but unique neighbour

A development that actively engages with its surroundings, having careful consideration for its interface with existing built form and landscape character.

Flexible and ready for the future

A highly functional and multipurpose centre that supports a diverse range of activities and events for use by its community, which includes both the Perth Football Club and local Town of Victoria Park residents.

A place for everyone

High-quality architectural and landscape outcome promoting access, safety and participation from all members of the community, irrespective of age, gender, culture or ability.

A place that tells local stories

A development that integrates into its community through art and culture celebrating the important role and heritage of Lathlain Park.

A place that stands the test of time

A venue that optimises building performance and limits maintenance costs through climate responsive design and use of appropriate building materials. 

Latest update

Latest update

In March 2022, the Town held a period of community engagement to help shape the design of the proposed community spaces within the new facility.

The Town reviewed community feedback alongside various technical reports to develop a comprehensive business case.

The business case was presented to Council at the 18 October 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, where Council endorsed a staged delivery approach, approved the Town to proceed to detail design of the Perth Football Club, Function Centre and Community Space, and requested a future report on possible development options in partnership with the Waalitj Foundation.

The staged delivery approach involves constructing the new facilities to the north of the existing facilities, which will allow the Perth Football Club to continue its operations during construction.

These decisions will allow the Town to fast-track the redevelopment of the Perth Football Club while we investigate further development options for additional community spaces. The Town expects to submit a Development Application in the next few months.

The business case, Council Report and Council Minutes are available to view from the links below.


Frequently asked questions

What is the total project cost?

The current estimated project cost for the redevelopment of Lathlain Park Zone 1 is $18.376 million (incl GST).

The project cost will be finalised after detailed design is complete.

Who is funding the project?

To date, the total committed funding includes:

  • $5 million from the Town (Indicative),
  • $4 million from the Federal Government,
  • $4 million from the WA State Government, and
  • $1 million from the West Coast Eagles.

An additional $200,000 is also being sought from the AFL.


More information

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Hear from Colin Lofts (Chair Redevelopment Committee & Premiership Captain) and Bob Shields (President Perth Football Club & Premiership player) as they reflect on their stadium's rich history and look ahead to a new chapter of the Perth Footy Club.


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