Planning & Building Compliance

Development approval and/or a building permit is often required before constructing, altering/extending a building/structure or changing the use of a property within the Town.
Should you have any concerns that planning/development or building works are occurring without the relevant approvals/permits in place we may be able to investigate.


All Planning & Building compliance requests should be in writing by either submitting a letter, an email to or by lodging a request via the Town's website

When submitting a compliance request please provide as much detail as you can so we can investigate the matter promptly and efficiently. Please also include your contact details in case we require further information to fully investigate the issue and to provide you with updates where possible.

Once we receive a request, we will generally check our records to determine what approvals are in place and undertake an investigation of the matter. Should it be determined by the town that there is a breach of the relevant legislation and/or approvals then the Town will engage with relevant parties to ensure compliance.  While in most instances, the matter is able to be resolved with the co-operation of the relevant party, in some instances notices/orders may need to be issued for breaches of the Planning and Development Act 2005 and/or the Building Act 2011.

It may be possible for a retrospective development application to be submitted to the Town, or a Building Approval Certificate be sought from the Town to rectify the compliance issue.

The Town will keep you up to date throughout the investigation process.

PLEASE NOTE: All complaints and requests remain highly confidential, however the Town is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) and evidence may be required to be given in court. Anonymous complaints and requests will only be responded to if it is an urgent matter of high risk to public health or safety.


Examples of issues we may investigate include:

  • Unauthorised building works
  • Unauthorised use of land.
  • Non-compliance with development approval conditions or approved plans.
  • Failure to obtain a building permit.
  • Non-compliance with an approved building or occupancy permit.
  • Building work affecting neighbouring land/buildings.
  • Dangerous, dilapidated or neglected buildings and structures.
  • Non-compliant pool and spa safety barriers.


Examples of issues we may not investigate include:

  • There is no breach against the relevant Planning & Building legislation.
  • We have no jurisdiction or legislative power to investigate.
  • The matter has already been investigated and resolved.
  • The matter is the sole responsibility of another government agency or a civil matter.


Civil issues are matters the Town has no jurisdiction or legislative power to investigate, such as dividing fences, damage to private property and some building disputes. However, owners and builders are encouraged to discuss upcoming development projects with neighbours prior to commencement. Communicating with your neighbour is a key step in a successful development. 

In relation to dividing fences, please refer to the Town’s Dividing Fences – Information Sheet and/or the Dividing Fence Matters – Overview from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website which both provide detailed information on owner responsibilities.

Contact us for more information 

To discuss any potential planning & building compliance matters further, please contact the Town on (08) 93118111 or visit the Administration Building at 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.

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