Archer Mint Street

Project Vision

Archer and Mint streets form a central roadway linking Orrong Road with Albany Highway and connecting people to the Carlisle Town Centre, Carlisle train station, East Victoria Park Primary School and East Victoria Park Town Centre. This corridor forms the western boundary of the Carlisle Station / Archer Street Precinct and connects to the Oats Street
Precinct. These Precincts are defined as activated, transit-orientated and mixed-use areas that capitalise on their proximity to Perth and the Albany Highway Centre.

The community priorities for the Archer/Mint Streetscape Improvement include creating a streetscape that improves walkability and vibrancy around local businesses while increasing shading and tree canopy coverage wherever possible.

Project Objectives

  • Improve pedestrian and cycling accessibility, creating a safe and inclusive urban environment for people of all abilities.
  • Calm traffic and facilitate the safe and appropriate movement of all users of the street.
  • Encourage vibrancy and economic development on the street and in the precincts surrounding the site.
  • Encourage the use of Carlisle train station by creating pedestrian-friendly environments and access between the train line and the Carlisle Town Centre.
  • Improve pedestrian connectivity between Carlisle train station and the East Victoria Park Town Centre.
  • Improve the environment and pedestrian experience on adjacent streets to ensure minimal impact to those members of the community.
  • Increase tree canopy cover along the corridor as per the Town’s Urban Forest Strategy.

The Opportunity

Let’s work together to increase local employment by creating a lively, attractive, pedestrian-friendly town centre that draws visitors and the community to the area. Improve connectivity with the Future Carlisle Train Station via protected bike lanes and calmer streets that allow ease of movement for all. Exciting community centres with improved access along the Armadale line will encourage tourism and use of the line for more than commuting. Let’s create places to explore that will fit in seamlessly with the public open spaces to be created as a result of METRONET works, and encourage visitors to stay longer and contribute to the social fabric of the area.

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