CCTV Partnership Program

Applications: OPEN (Closing June 30 2024)

Total funding value: $90,000

Maximum rebate: $750

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a useful tool in the detection and investigation of community safety and crime challenges. The Town of Victoria Park has developed this partnership program with the WA Police Force to increase the number of CCTV and security camera systems in strategic locations. The intent of CCTV Partnership Program aims to assist private residences, businesses, and community groups to install an effective CCTV system and create a partnership between the applicant, the WA Police Force, and the Town to address crime and safety problems through visual surveillance.

The Town is providing rebates for half the cost of a CCTV project (up to $750). This financial year, the Town is also introducing rebates for half the cost of non-hardwired security camera systems (up to $250). To be eligible for a rebate, for either a CCTV project or a security camera system, the system must overlook the public realm and/or common areas. Residents, businesses, and community groups are all eligible to apply.


To apply please complete an online application: 

CCTV Partnership Program Online Application

The After Installation form is for people who have already completed the CCTV Partnership Program Application form and had their application confirmed by a Town officer.

CCTV Partnership After Installation Form

Terms and Conditions

  1. CCTV must be installed within the Town of Victoria Park and remain within the Town for at least a period of three (3) years. Non-Hardwired security cameras must remain in the Town for at least a period of one (1) year.
  2. The system must be fully paid for, and all forms must be completed in full before the rebate is issued.
  3. Before the installation or upgrade, the applicant must provide the Town with photos/video to confirm camera field of view covers the public realm and/or common areas. 
  4. One application per property will be considered each Financial Year.
  5. Within 90 days of Town approval, the system must be installed
  6. The applicant must agree to provide footage to the WA Police Force upon request and register their system with Cam-Map WA. Failure to do so will result in the Town retrieving any payments it has made to the applicant.
  7. If the applicant is not the property owner, there must be permission from the property owner or agent authorised to act on their behalf before the system is purchased and installed. This is recommended but not required for non-hardwired systems.
  8. CCTV systems must be provided and installed by a registered business with a Security Agent License. This information should be found on the quote/invoice from the chosen supplier.
  9. Public-facing cameras must meet the 50% Facial Recognition Requirement of the WA State CCTV Strategy Resolution Test Chart within 10m.
  10. The Town will rebate half the cost of the CCTV system, up to $750, or half the cost of a non-hardwired security camera system, up to $250. Allocating funding to a project remains at the Town’s discretion. The Town does not guarantee rebates to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended.
  11. There must be adequate lighting such as sensor lights or in-built night vision capabilities to capture adequate footage.
  12. The system must be kept in working order for a minimum period of three (3) years. Failure to do so will result in the Town retrieving any payments to the applicant. The Town will audit for system functionality and compliance once per year.
  13. Applicants are eligible for newly installed systems or upgrades to an existing system to meet the minimum technical requirements.
  14. Applicants must inform their neighbours (whose property or activities are visible in the camera’s field of view) about the system because they may either benefit or object to the field of view.
  15. At least one of the cameras installed must overlook the public realm and/or common areas such as the road, footpaths, front verge, parks, or laneways.
  16. Rear properties or buildings with limited view of the public realm may not be eligible. The Town will assess on a case-by-case basis.
  17. Systems that have received funding from this program in previous Financial Years are not eligible for funding.
  18. The system must meet the minimum technical requirements as follows:
  19. For CCTV systems, the minimum technical requirements are as follows:
    • 6-megapixel (for public-facing cameras)
    • 21 days constant recording
    • Night-time capable
    • Hardwired cameras
  20. For non-hardwired security camera systems, the minimum technical requirements are as follows:
    • 1080p full HD (for public-facing cameras)
    • 21 days backup to the cloud
    • Night-time capable
    • Non-hardwired (battery or solar)
  21. The applicant must not have any current outstanding debt with the Town and must not be an Elected Member. Local, State, and Federal Government properties are not eligible for funding.
  22. If the applicant opts for a payment plan, seek advice from the Town
  23. Concession card holders will not receive a greater rebate amount. Seniors can visit for additional State Government rebates on security devices. Receiving a State Government rebate for this program does not make the applicant ineligible for the Town’s CCTV Partnership Program rebate.
  24. The applicant is ineligible if they are an elected member, staff of the Town or an immediate family member.
  25. The Town reserves the right to cancel rebate arrangements at any time if the above conditions have not been satisfactorily met. The Town is not liable for any cost incurred by the applicant.

Application instructions

Follow the steps below.

Read the T&Cs

Read the full Terms & Conditions above and check that you are eligible to apply. 

Obtain Quotes

Step 2 for CCTV systems

Seek at least one (1) quote for your CCTV system from a registered business with a Security Agent License Number. Please ensure that at least one of the camera’s to be installed has a view of the public realm and/or common areas (e.g. verge, road).

Our recommended providers are:

These providers are best placed to provide advice on camera placement.

Minimum technical requirements for CCTV systems:

  • 6-Megapixel (for public-facing cameras)
  • 21 days constant recording
  • Night-time capable
  • Hardwired cameras

Step 2 for Non-Hardwired systems

You do not need to obtain quotes for non-hardwired systems. However, please ensure that the system meets the technical requirements listed below, and that at least one of the cameras in the system has a view of the public realm and/or common areas (e.g. verge, road).

Minimum technical requirements for non-hardwired systems:

  • 1080p full HD (for public-facing cameras)
  • 21 days backup to the cloud
  • Night-time capable
  • Non-hardwired (battery or solar)


Once you have decided upon a quote, please head to our online application form. 

Once you have completed the application form, a Town Officer will be in contact with you to let you know if you are eligible for the program. If you are eligible for the program, the Town Officer will then advise you to proceed with installation and payment. Installation should not take place prior to approval by the Town.

Install and pay

Once your application has been approved by the Town, you may proceed with organising the installation of your system. The cameras must be installed as agreed by the Town officer.

The applicant is responsible for engaging and procuring the goods and services from the registered business. The applicant is also responsible for fully paying the total invoiced amount to the registered business. The Town is not liable, nor will it provide any payment to the registered business as engaged by the applicant.

Submit the remaining documents

Please complete the ‘After Installation’ online form.

This form will require you to:

  1. Upload a copy of the paid invoice showing full payment for the system.
  2. Register your system with WA Police Cam-Map WA and upload the confirmation email as proof of registration. You can register your system by following the link below:
  3. Upload an image or short video showing proof that the system meets the 50% facial recognition requirements, steps below:
    1. Stand 10m away from the public-facing camera
    2. Hold up the CCTV Test Chart (printed) - click to download chart.
    3. Take a screenshot or export a short video to demonstrate the quality of the camera
    4. At the A line of the chart, the 5 bars must be clearly visible
  4. Provide Feedback on the program

Review by the Town

The Officer will review your application in full to ensure the Town has all necessary information and that all the Terms & Conditions have been met.

The Officer will advise the outcome of the application in writing. In the event the Town requires more information, the Officer will contact the applicant.

Receive your rebate

Your rebate will be transferred electronically to the account nominated on the application form.

Follow up survey

Halfway through the next Financial Year, you will receive a survey asking some questions about your feelings of safety in the Town, the effectiveness of your system, and your feedback on the CCTV Partnership Program.

If you've encountered a problem with the website or have any general feedback, please provide comment via this form.

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