Street Meet and Greet

Applications: Closed.

Total funding value: $15,000

The Town of Victoria Park is pleased to support local residents and community groups who want to build neighbourhood connections and develop a strong community.

The Street Meet n Greet mini grants initiative aims to assist and empower neighbourhoods to do this through neighbourhood get-togethers and larger street celebrations. 

This program is currently closed and is set to re-launch soon. 

Terms and conditions

  1. Applicants must complete all Street Meet n Greet forms
  2. Funds must not be spent on alcohol, medicines or other drugs
  3. Funds must be used for the organisation and delivery of a street get-together or street celebration only
  4. Funds can be spent on goods and services that enable a street get-together or street celebration to be delivered at a location (e.g., barbeque gas bottle refill, balloons, party games, disposable plates, cups and cutlery, food and drink, live music)
  5. The full amount for the mini grant will be paid to the applicant after the Town receives receipts of purchases, a feedback form, and is satisfied the applicant has met the agreed Terms and Conditions
  6. Organisers of the street celebration event must sign off on the traffic management plan and traffic management diagram before the event takes place 
  7. The Town provides no guarantee that a Street Meet n Greet grant can be provided to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended prior to the end of the Financial Year
  8. Applicants must not be Elected Members, staff of the Town, or their immediate family members
  9. Applicants must not have a current outstanding debt with the Town
  10. Funds must not be spent on goods and services to prepare a location or household for an event (e.g., lawn mowing services, purchasing a new barbeque, purchasing table and chairs)
  11. Mini grants are available to one recipient per get-together or celebration event. In the event that multiple individuals apply for a grant for the same street or location, they will be asked to collaborate on a combined event
  12. Organisers of the event must comply with relevant regulations and requirements for hosting a public event and road closure
  13. Receipts of purchases and feedback form must be returned to the Town within ten (10) business days of the date of the Street Meet n Greet event
  14. The Town reserves the right to cancel funding and grant arrangements at any time if the above conditions have not been met. The Town is not liable for any cost incurred by the grant recipient.

Application instructions

Read the T&Cs

Read the full Terms & Conditions below and check that you are eligible to apply.  

Contact the Town

Contact the Town to register your interest for the Street Meet ‘n’ Greet. A Town Officer will check your eligibility and discuss your plans for the event. The event should not take place prior to approval by the Town. 


Once the Town confirms your eligibility, you may send your completed application form to the Town for final approval, along with a specified event preference (i.e., street get-together or street celebration) and a map of the invited households. If the Town requires more information, the Officer will contact the applicant. The Officer will advise successful applicants of the outcome by phone or email and will confirm eligibility for the program. 

Street celebration additional requirements

Hosts that decide to host a street celebration will need approval from the Officer, who will organise the road closure. If 1/3rd of the affected households object to the road closure, the Town will not close the road. Once approved, the date for the event will be booked.  

The applicant must notify all households that will be within the road closure of the event as soon as possible via a letterbox drop, including the time, date, road closure location, and a contact email if they wish to object to the road closure. 

The applicant must notify all households again via a letterbox drop the week of the event, with the time, date, road closure location, and a contact email if they wish to object to the road closure. 

Hold the event

Once the event has been organised and approved by the Officer, you are welcome to hold your event. Please ensure that all current COVID-19 regulations are being followed. The Town also encourages hosts to undertake the following:

  • Recording name and contact information to register attendees
  • Provide hand washing and hand sanitiser for attendee
  • Outdoor events are preferred
  • Reduce sharing of plates, cutlery, drinks, food, and other equipment
  • People who feel unwell should not attend the event 

The applicant is responsible for engaging, procuring and fully paying for goods and services for the event. The Town is not liable, nor will it provide any payment to those engaged by the applicant. 

Submit remaining documents

Following the completion of the event, the applicant must submit the remaining outstanding documents so the rebate can be arranged: 

  • A copy of all receipts and proof of full payment
  • At least two (2) high-quality photos of the event that the Town may be able to use for promotion of the program
  • Completed feedback form including the budget section

Review by the Town

The Officer will review your application in full to ensure the Town has all necessary information and that all of the Terms & Conditions have been met. The Officer will advise the outcome of the application in writing. In the event the Town requires more information, the Officer will contact the applicant. 

Receive your rebate

Your rebate will be transferred electronically to the account nominated on the application form. Please inform the Town by email when you have received your rebate. 

Follow up survey

Halfway through the next Financial Year, you will receive a survey asking some questions about your feelings of safety in the Town, how the Street Meet n Greet event has impacted you and your neighbours, and your overall feedback on the program. 



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