Street trees and development

Are you planning a demolition, subdivision or building? Read the Town’s street tree information below before you begin.

Urban forest 

The urban forest is made up of trees and understorey on both private and public property and is becoming increasingly valued across the metropolitan area.

The benefits of an urban forest include improved environmental, economic, community and health outcomes.
Pressures on the Town of Victoria Park’s urban forest are increasingly apparent.

The Town has one of the lowest tree canopy covers within the Perth metropolitan region, covering approximately 10% of the Town’s area of jurisdiction.

Protecting existing trees on public land and helping new trees to reach maturity forms part of the solution for the Town to reach its goal of 20% tree canopy cover.

Who is responsible for maintaining street trees?

The Town is responsible for the maintenance of trees situated within verges, parks, public spaces and assets managed by the Town. 

What does the law say about street trees?

Any unauthorised pruning, removal or deliberate damage of Town tree assets is an offence and prosecution can occur under the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2000. 

Will the Town permit the removal or pruning of a street tree to allow access to a property as part of a demolition, development, building or subdivision application?

Applicants should take all measures to design developments to retain and protect street trees. Removal of street trees for new crossovers will only be considered where all other design options have been exhausted. Contact the Town early in the planning stage to discuss any concerns with street trees.

How close to the existing tree can the crossover be constructed?

The Town requires a minimum clearance of 1500mm from the closest point of the existing verge tree trunk to the crossover edge. This may vary according to the size of the particular tree.

How do I protect the street tree during development?

Site fencing should be installed around the street tree during all stages of development, including demolition. Site fencing is to protect the trunk and crown (branches) of the tree from damage. Fencing is to allow clear sightlines for road and footpath users (do not attach signage to the fencing). Use at least four panels of site fencing.
More information on tree protection is available via AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

Can a landowner, developer or member of the public remove or prune a street tree?

Owing to the hazardous nature of the task, owners, residents, developers/builders or occupants are not permitted to remove or prune street trees or any other Town managed trees themselves. Applications for street tree removal must be maded in writing to the Town of Victoria Park 

How do I organise pruning a street tree which is blocking vehicular access to a development site?

Make a request for pruning by contacting the Town at or phone 9311 8111. The Town’s tree maintenance contractor has been appointed by Tender, and completes all tree works required for the Town.

Who is responsible for the cost of street tree removal or pruning works at a development site?

All costs will be invoiced by the Town to the owner/developer/builder as required. A quote for any works will be provided after a site visit where requested works will be discussed.

What do the fees for street tree removal and replacement cover?

This charge is made up of:

  • The Helliwell amenity value of the existing tree;
  • Removal of the existing tree (based on tree size);
  • Purchase of a new tree, planting, staking and soil treatments;
  • Three years’ maintenance costs including watering, fertilising, mulching, wetting agent and formative pruning;
  • Aministration fee.


Helliwell valuation (range $0 to $76820.40) $8535.60
Removal and stump grinding (range $129 to $2070) $605.45
Administration Fee $100
Tree replacement fee $560.81
Plus 10% GST $980.19
Total $10782.05

Where tree removal has been approved, when does removal occur?

Parks operations requires four weeks lead time prior to street tree removal to allow for scheduling the works with the contractor. Payment in full is required before the job is booked. The street tree removal process will not commence unless this occurs.

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