Vic Park Event Sponsorship program

The Town of Victoria Park strives to be a dynamic place for everyone - an engaged and connected community, a premier place for entertainment and entrepreneurship, and somewhere safe, inclusive and focused on sustainability for a vibrant future.

Through our Event Sponsorship Program, we aim to maximise opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between the Town and likeminded people and organisations. Events have a positive impact on community life, and we are excited to offer sponsorship to support organisations in the delivery of their initiatives! 

Please note: applications for our 2023-24 event sponsorship round have now closed. If you would like to register your contact details to be informed when the program opens again, please email with your organisation name, a short pitch and email address.

Event Sponsorship Program 2023-2024

Major Event Sponsorship maximum value: $100,000

Vibrancy Sponsorship maximum value: $10,000

Through event sponsorship, we aim to support a wide range of events, big and small, and create an even more vibrant Vic Park. Take a read of our program below or click the download button to save a copy. This is your guide on eligibility, assessment criteria, locations to hold your event, and more. 

Event Sponsorship Program

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Events Strategy 2022-2026 - Our guiding document for the next four years, explaining how we plan to achieve our vision - that Vic Park is loved, local and alive! 

Annual Events Plan 2022-2023 - Details the exciting events we already plan to deliver over the next year, as well as the days of significance we intend to acknowledge. 

Policy 116 Sponsorship - This policy applies to any sponsorship arrangement, including when the Town sponsors another organsation's activities. 

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