Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project

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The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project is a Town of Victoria Park will revitalise Lathlain as a sustainable multi-use sporting, recreation, health and education precinct for the whole community.

To deliver the project, the Town has partnered with the West Coast Eagles, Waalitj Foundation and the Perth Football Club, aiming to set new standards in the delivery of a public revitalisation project.

The project is made up of seven zones, of which six have been delivered. The final redevelopment zone is Zone 1 - Perth Football Club.

Zone 1

Zone 1 considers the redevelopment of the Perth Football Club building and immediate surrounds.

The 63 year old grandstand does not meet current sporting code or accessibility standards and is no longer fit for purpose.

LPRP Zone 1 will involve replacement of the dilapidated grandstand and construction of new facilities spanning football administration, training, spectator and community facilities.

The Town are working closely with the Perth Football Club and other key stakeholders to deliver a contemporary, multi-use facility for the entire community.

Click below to learn more about the Zone 1 redevelopment.

Lathlain Park Zone 1

Community Benefits Strategy

The Community Benefits Strategy is a collaborative approach between the Town of Victoria Park and its project partners the West Coast Eagles, Waalitj Foundation (formerly Wirrpanda Foundation) and Perth Football Club.

The Strategy outlines the community programs that will be delivered by the project partners for the benefit of the Lathlain community. The community benefit programs are resourced by:

  • One full time staff member from the West Coast Eagles,
  • One full time staff member from the Waalitj Foundation and
  • One hundred hours of West Coast Eagles player involvement, per year.

Listening to the community has been a key ingredient in developing the Community Benefit Strategy and selecting the community benefit programs to be delivered the first five years.

You can read the Strategy below.

Community Benefits Strategy

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