Subdivision and Amalgamation of Land

The ability to subdivide land is governed by its zoning, and in the case of residential zoned land, its designated density coding (R-Coding) under the Town of Victoria Park Town Planning Scheme No. 1. Confirmation of the zoning and density coding applicable to properties within the Town can be obtained by referring to the relevant precinct plan in which the property is located, or by accessing the Town’s interactive mapping application (IntraMaps).

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Applications for the subdivision or amalgamation of land must be submitted to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for the approval of the Western Australian Planning Commission. Guidelines, forms, fees and other relevant information for submitting an application can be accessed from the ‘Subdivisions, development and property’ section of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website. 

Should you require written confirmation from the Town regarding the development and subdivision potential of your property, you may submit a Written Planning Advice application. Please visit our Planning Forms, Fees and Checklists page, and complete the Written planning advice form. The applicable fee is $73. 

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