We’re moving to cashless parking

Published on Monday, 5 February 2024 at 11:42:55 AM

We’re moving to cashless parking

The Town’s parking meters will be soon be replaced by new, more modern machines which accept cashless forms of payment only.

This change comes as the Town’s current parking machines are about to reach the end of their useful life due to the impending shutdown of the 3G network, and reflects how most road users in the Town already use parking.

The transition will have a range of benefits for residents, visitors and businesses, including:

  • Ease of use: Pay by card or phone and say goodbye to displaying a ticket on your dash. You may to choose to…
    • Use one of our new parking machines by simply choosing your desired parking time, inputting your vehicle’s licence plate number and finalising payment by tapping your debit card or phone;
    • Or use the EasyPark app, and choose to extend or end your parking time with ease from your smartphone, thus only ever paying for the time you use.
  • Less clutter: We’ll be removing redundant machines and accompanying signage from the streetscape, reducing ongoing maintenance costs, improving pedestrian access and freeing up space for more community-friendly amenities.
  • Safer: Reduce the amount of coins left in cars, discouraging theft.
  • More sustainable: Solar-powered machines and no more wasteful paper tickets.

For more information on the transition to cashless parking, click here.

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