Bird waterers

The Cockitrough : Designed and supplied by The Town of Victoria Park



Giving fresh water back to our fine feathered friends 
Birds around the Town of Victoria Park and metropolitan areas have been enjoying a drink from innovative bird waterers that help our feathered friends sustain themselves over Perth’s long hot summers. The Cockitrough has been tailored to provide water to conserve the declining numbers of black cockatoos across the south west of WA.

The original concept and prototype was designed and developed by Town’s Parks operations team in 2018, was to create a safe, clean, and low maintenance water source for the many bird species that visit remaining urban bushlands and trees in public open spaces. Two years later, a second and improved version - known as the Cockitrough - have been ordered and installed in over 42 locations across metropolitan areas of Perth. 

Our bird waterers are an important contributor to our Town’s Urban Forest program, ensuring that we especially meet one of our strategic outcomes of “Improving Urban Ecosystems.” Find out more about our bird waterers using the links below. 


Photo Gallery of Town of Victoria Park's designed and developed Bird Waterers. 

Check out our bird waterers in action around Town. Big thank you to birdlife photographer and Vic Park resident for the permission to share these beautiful images of our local fauna enjoying clean water from our Town designed and developed bird waterers. 

Image credit: Georgina Wilson