Archer Mint Streetscape Improvement Plan

Archer and Mint streets form a central roadway linking Orrong Road with Albany Highway and connecting people to the Carlisle Town Centre, Carlisle train station, East Victoria Park Primary School and East Victoria Park Town Centre. In the Town’s draft Local Planning Strategy, this corridor forms the western boundary of the Carlisle Station / Archer Street Precinct and connects to the Oats Street Precinct. These Precincts are defined as activated, transit-orientated and mixed-use areas that capitalise on their proximity to Perth and the Albany Highway Centre.

In March 2020, community consultation (see Community Feedback tab below) revealed that priorities for the Archer/Mint Streetscape Improvement project should include creating a streetscape that improves walkability and vibrancy around local businesses while increasing shading and tree canopy coverage wherever possible. 

These priorities informed the creation of several objectives for the design, which fall into three key areas:

Constructing your new Town Centre

Improving transport

Adding to the tree canopy


Having consulted with the community on its plans to upgrade and improve the Archer and Mint street strip, the Town is ready to proceed with Stage 1 works in the precinct. 

Stage 1 works will commence improvements on Archer Street from late August 2022 and seek to bring the Carlisle Town Centre in line with surrounding transport upgrades, including the removal of the Mint Street level crossing and the redevelopment of Carlisle train station.

What is happening now?

**Detour routes have now changed** 

The upgraded intersection of Planet and Archer Streets is now reopened to traffic, and works have begun focusing on the intersection with Bishopsgate Street, which will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration. Refer to the map below for more details.  

Works on Stage 1 of the Archer/Mint Streetscape Improvement Plan are expected to reach completion in early December. 

Associated work on protected bike lanes between Mars and Star streets is expected to be complete around the same time. The bike lane project is jointly funded by the Town and the Department of Transport. 

Pedestrian access will continue to be maintained and local businesses will continue trading.

Shop local

While some disruptions are unavoidable due to works, foot traffic will remain open to businesses along Archer Street

Why not drop in to one of our wonderful local businesses over the coming months to support them while the Town continues efforts to create a new and refreshed Town Centre for the community? There is plenty of variety, from medical, self-care and physiotherapy services, through to fresh meats, specialised groceries, bars, restaurants and cafes, and everything in between! 

Below is a list of businesses along the stretch of Archer St currently impacted by works. Why not pay them a visit!



Community Feedback

The first designs (concept designs) for a street revitalization and consultation with the community was completed at the end of the year in 2020 (endorsed by Council in September 2020(PDF, 441KB)).

The process involved the Town appointing a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a concept design and staging plan based on site analysis, community engagement and best practice transport planning and urban design. The design process included;

(a) Literature review and site analysis culminating in an outline of opportunities and constraints;

(b) Existing street and car parking assessment;

(c) Online businesses and residents survey through Your Thoughts;

(d) Pop-up morning engagement to survey locals using the street;

The design process engaged with our community and included a community survey with 116 responses, a pop-up engagement on Archer Street and one on one interviews with Town Officers and several businesses on Archer Street. The community engagement refined the vision and objectives for the project, building on the strategic outcomes outlined in the Town’s Strategic Community Plan. A snapshot of the results of this engagement are provided in the attachments.

This work culminated in a draft plan (see attached documents at the bottom of this page) which was endorsed by Council to proceed to public advertising at the 16 June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting. The public advertising period was conducted over a three-week period in June and July 2020.

The Town received 75 submissions during the public comment period. 72 submissions either supported the proposal or supported the proposal with some concerns. There were three submissions that opposed the proposal. Details of the public comments are provided in Attachment 2.

The final Plan has been developed and has considered all aspects of the public land on the street including the road, footpath, verge and street trees.

The Town is now progressing the Town Centre section  of the project (Raleigh to Mars Street) to the next stage of design, prior to a construction Request for Tender, to ensure sufficient detail is available for the Tender process.

Funding will also be planned for future years to enable construction in a staged approach over several financial years consistent with the limitations and considerations in the Long-Term Financial Plan. Funding for this project is a mix of external funding and from the Town’s finances.


Where is Archer Street and Mint Street

The project has considered the full length of Archer Street between Orrong Road and the train line, as well as the full length of Mint Street between the train line and Albany highway.  

Why do this now?

As a rapidly growing urban community, it is important that we plan for the future to make sure our infrastructure can meet the needs of our current and future community. With significant investment in rail and road infrastructure affecting the Town over the next 10 years, we need to ensure our local main streets can cope with these changes and become thriving places to live, work and play. 

How will the METRONET level crossing removal impact this project?

The State Government will be removing the railway boom gates on Mint/Archer Street by elevating the rail above the road. This means the profile of the road will not change and won't impact the design significantly. However, the Town is working with METRONET to ensure the upgrade will complement the design of the new Carlisle Station.  

What disruptions can we expect?

Archer Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between Bishopsgate and Planet streets for the duration of Stage 1 works (expected to last from late August to late November), though businesses will still be able to trade, and pedestrian access will be maintained. Detours will be in place around the works, with information to help you plan your trip to the strip available via the interactive map below. 

Where can I supply feedback?

For contact details, please see the 'Got a question?' tab. 

Got a question?

Do you have a question for our project team?

Please email with your query, accompanied by your name.




Plan your trip to the strip

The map below shows the initial planned construction stages of the Archer/Mint Streetscape Improvement Plan (beginning 22 August), outlines planned traffic detours and highlights parking and transport options for visitors so they can plan their trip to the strip.

You can still shop local!

Pedestrian access to shops will remain open, as will parking in the surrounding area.

The map will be updated to inform visitors of upgrades and expected disruptions as construction progresses. Click on the highlighted areas and icons below to reveal more info. You can also enlarge the map by clicking on the icon in the top right corner.