Future stages

The Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment Project is a long term, sustainable project, with many future stages. More details on each stage will be made available in due course.

Macmillan Precinct stage 5: Delivery Options

Following public feedback and approval from the Town’s Council, the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan will guide discovery on financial options and business cases to bring the Masterplan to life.

This stage will explore avenues to offset costs through options that complement the precinct vision.

Macmillan Precinct stage 6: Delivery Planning

Once a delivery option is finalised, the Town will undergo an official procurement process. As part of the Town’s due diligence, the procurement process will involve development of detailed agreements with the approved supplier/partner/developer to deliver the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan.

Macmillan Precinct stage 7: Capital Works

It is anticipated that capital works for the precinct will be delivered in a staged approach. More details on this stage will be made available by the Town and the approved supplier/partner/developer for the redevelopment project.

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