"More than Human" Exhibition

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About the More than Human Exhibition

At the beginning of the 2023 year, the Town was approached by UWA School of Design as our Bush Forever site – Kensington Bushland – was chosen as a hypothetical site for students to consider the ‘More than Human’ inhabitants of the bushland, researching their chosen endemic animal species and looking at how they can design to support inhabitant within the Town with the layers of complexity of the human requirements of the suburb and/or urbanised areas.

The result of that research and studio work has provided the Town with more insights and opportunities to engage our teams and community in strengthening the sustainable outcomes of our Urban Forest program – which you can see and experience from this exhibition.  

How and where to view the exhibition




Get involved in creating a backyard for all living beings to thrive

There are many ways to incorporate easy, everyday actions to your gardens, front and backyards to help important "more than human" inhabitants to thrive beyond the Kensington Bushland and help us create more climate resilient places to live in. 

Vic Park residents and the wider community are invited to join our Urban Forest Citizen Science Program and get involved in incorporating these everyday actions, which starts from planting the right type of flowers for the Rainbow Bee Eater through to adding a water source for the Bobtail Lizard. 

Event Details

Location: Town of Victoria Park Library, 27 Sussex Street, East Victoria Park

Cost: Free exhibition

Category: General

Type: Town event

Audience: All Ages

Event Date(s)

  • Monday 11th September 2023

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