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Terms and Conditions

  • Restricted to a commercial property with no on-site parking.
  • Maximum one permit per commercial property.
  • Restricted to the Town of Victoria Park’s time-restricted parking area.,
  • Council reserves the right to revoke the Permit at any time.
  • Permits do not guarantee a parking space in the Road/Street shown thereon.
  • The Permit may only be used for parking on the road designated on the Permit and between the identified cross streets, except on occasions nominated by the Council.
  • Permits are not valid unless clearly displayed on the designated vehicle.
  • The Permit is valid only until the date of expiry.
  • This permit will not stop an infringement being issued to a vehicle, if parked in an illegal manner such as and not limited to:
    • Parked on or across a driveway
    • Parked on a resident’s verge without permission,
    • Parked in an ACROD bay without the required permit,
    • Parked contrary to yellow edge line-markings,
    • Parked in a No Stopping/Parking Area,
    • Parked in a public place exceeding 24 hours, or
    • Parked against the flow of traffic
  • Any infringement incurred by the applicant or person will not be considered by the town for withdrawal and payment of the infringement penalty [includes any additional feed incurred] is required
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