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Description of your dog/s

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Are you aware of an incident regarding an alleged dog attack? *
Was anyone else looking after your dog/s at the time of the incident? *
If not, where does the dog/s ordinarily live?
Were there any injuries? *

Details of the incident - Part A

Were there any witnesses to the incident? If Yes, provide names and contact details on the next page *

Witness details

Details of the incident - Part B

Where were you at the time of the incident?

Details of the incident - Part C

Has the dog/s ever shown any aggressive behaviour in the past? *
Has the dog/s ever been declared dangerous, within the Town or within another jurisdiction? *
Have you ever received infringements or been convicted for breaches of the Dog Act 1976 (WA)?
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Have you been made any promises or inducement to provide this statement? *
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Have you been threatened by any person to make this statement? *
Do you agree this is a true statement? *
Do you understand that by making this statement that if it is tendered in evidence I will be guilty of a crime if I have willfully included in this statement anything, which I know to be false, or that I do not believe to be true? *

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