Kensington Bushland

Kensington Bushland
Kensington Bushland Reserve is nine hectares of remnant bushland in the Town. The reserve is the best preserved remnant urban bushland between the Swan and Canning Rivers, and is recognised by the State Government as a bush forever site.  
Kensington Bushland is a typical jarrah-banksia woodland on Bassendean soil, in that the canopy is dominated by just a few species, particularly Eucalyptus marginata, E. todtiana, Banksia attenuata, B. ilicifolia, B. menziesii, Nuytsia floribunda and Allocasuarina fraseriana.

You are welcome to bring your dog to Kensington Bushland for a walk. Please ensure your dog is on its lead at all times, you remain on the paths and that you pick up after your dog. 


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