Kent Street Sand Pit

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The Town has committed to rehabilitate and revegetate the Kent Street Sand Pit, comprising of the wider environmentally significant Jirdarup Bushland Precinct in Kensington. The project aims to direct the future management of the reserve, restoring the natural environment and enhancing community connection to the space.

The site is zoned for parks and recreation under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) and, due to the sites’ history as a landfill site, is classified as ‘remediated for restricted use’ under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003. These considerations limited the options for redevelopment of the site to revegetation, cultural restoration and passive recreation.

The sand pit is a part of the wider environmentally significant Jirdarup Bushland Precinct that includes the remnant Banksia Woodland of the Kensington Bushland and George Street Reserve. The site presents an important opportunity to restore a contaminated landfill area and expand the natural habitat of endangered and rare species of flora and fauna, including the Black Cockatoo.

After scoping the various considerations, constraints and subsequent opportunities that exist for the sand pit, the Town adopted a concept plan in May 2022 to guide the design direction of the site.

Between May 2022 and April 2023, the Town developed a detailed design package that includes:

  • A focus on revegetation and ecological restoration of the remnant woodland. Banksia woodland restoration is the key focus of the design, representing approximately 92% of the site.
  • Incorporation of Noongar cultural considerations, such as yarning spaces.
  • A primary perimeter path and a secondary connecting pathway.
  • A formalised car park.
  • Universal accessibility ramps.

In April 2023, the Kent Street Sand Pit Detailed Design was endorsed by Council. The Town is now developing on construction documentation to be released to market.

For more information, check out the below documents or contact the Town.

Kent Street Sand Pit Design Opportunities and Considerations Report

Kent Street Sand Pit Concept Design

Kent Street Sand Pit Detailed Design

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