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McCallum Park is located on the picturesque foreshore of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River) along the suburban edge of Victoria Park. It is gateway connecting the Town of Victoria Park, City of Perth and City of South Perth, with a stunning backdrop of the Perth CBD skyline. Its location makes it ideal for an activity precinct comprised of diverse active and passive spaces to celebrate cultural identity and to foster a connected, thriving and healthy community.

In 2017, Save the Children undertook a youth consultation on behalf of the Town. The youth engagement report identified the need for safe spaces where youth and families can gather, particularly after school and on weekends to participate in meaningful activities to improve their health and wellbeing, and to foster a sense of belonging and connection to the community. The consultation report further identified that “positive social skills, a sense of belonging and access to recreational spaces are essential for young people’s wellbeing and positive development”.

These primary protective factors are considered essential to fostering resilience, optimising mental health and wellbeing, and reducing alcohol and drug harm, along with anti-social behaviour due to young people being actively engaged in meaningful activities within the community (Youth Engagement Report, 2017; Government of Western Australia, Mental Health Promotion, Mental Issues, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Plan 2018-2025).

Following the 2017 study and the 2015 Foreshore Access Management Plan, which developed a framework for the consistent management of the Swan River foreshore, the Town commissioned the Taylor Reserve and McCallum Park Concept Report, which provides a master plan for a range of new spaces along the foreshore. The design provides a variety of exciting new high-quality passive and active recreation spaces throughout the park, creating a destination for local, state, national and international visitors.

The McCallum Park Active Area is stage two of the overall project, and includes upgrades to the existing basketball courts, new skate and scooter facilities, a new BMX pump track and landscaping features such as planting, seating, shading, car parking and barbecue areas.

Following the endorsement of the revised masterplan and the commencement of works on a portion of stage 1 – River-edge wall, the Town commenced community engagement and design refinement on stage 2 – McCallum Park Active Area. This stage is the largest component of capital works upgrades for the masterplan and will provide transformational change to the foreshore precinct.

The Town engaged a design team consisting of Emerge Associates, Skate Sculpture and New Line Skateparks to undertake the co-design process which would determine the community’s design aspirations for the space and shape the concept plan.

The McCallum Park Active Area concept design was refined over a four-stage design and engagement process:

  • Stage 1 - Site analysis and opportunity mapping
  • Stage 2 - Concept exploration through an on-site workshop and online engagement
  • Stage 3 - Concept design feedback
  • Stage 4 - Public comment on the final draft concept design.

The process commenced in September 2019 and was finalised in April 2020 following the public comment period. During the public comment period on the final draft concept design, the Town received 50 submissions, of which 90% supported the design.

The concept design considers the value of the amenity, connectivity and connection to the wider parkland. It provides the opportunity to bring a new and vibrant experience to the community and visitors of McCallum Park. The final proposed design will cater for both active recreation and passive experiences both from within the project site and connection to the future playground and Swan River.

At the June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Elected Members approved the McCallum Park Active Area Concept Report, and Detailed Design has been undertaken with options to be considered alongside the proposed funding contribution. 

Sport and physical activity promotes social inclusion and cohesion, teaching lifelong skills and embedding healthy lifestyle habits at an individual and community level. Sport 2030 National Sport Plan highlights that “fewer Australians are playing sport and engaging in physical activity- this is a trend we need to reverse”. To help reverse this trend, the McCallum Park Active Area will be an iconic destination and first of its kind along the Derbarl Yerrigan. It will be a place which fosters a sense of pride, belonging and connection to country, whilst promoting participation in physical and recreational activities to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

The McCallum Park Active Area is considered a prime location for community activity which would frequently be used by locals and visitors, with the potential to host national and international events. To progress the delivery of the active area, as well as future stages of the concept report, a significant financial investment is required. Completion of this stage of the project will create an iconic destination to host youth and community festivals, school holiday programs, skate and scooter clinics, sporting competitions, and much more. It will be a safe space for youth, families, visitors and the general community to connect, thrive and participate within the social fabric of our community.

Following Council's resolution and approval of funding in the 2020-2021 Annual Budget the Town has undertaken a detailed design for the McCalllum Park Active Area project and is working to identify partnership opportunities to fund the construction.

The timing of the construction is looking to align with the completion of the Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge, a Main Roads project likely to be completed late-2024. 


McCallum Park Active Area - final concept

McCallum Park Active Area - area renders

McCallum Park Active Area - community consultation concept design report

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