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Below you will find information and updates on ongoing works related to METRONET. If you have queries regarding any of the information, please contact METRONET directly

METRONET project contacts are available on:

  • 9326 3666 during business hours, or
  • 1300 561 241 after hours

For more information, visit METRONET's project webpage here.


The bulk of works on the Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal project will coincide with a shutdown of the Armadale line for up to 18 months from 20 November 2023.

During the shutdown, the line will continue to operate between Victoria Park Station and the CBD, including Stadium Station.

NOTE: The full line, including these stops, will be shutdown from 20-23 November to allow enabling works for trains to turn around at Victoria Park Station. 

More than 100 additional buses will be used as replacement services during the shutdown. Click here for a map of the new bus routes. For more information on replacement services, visit the Transperth website

During the closure, 5.5 kilometres of elevated rail will be built, along with seven new stations, and the extension of the line to Byford.

The METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link will also be completed during the shutdown – delivering two new stations at Nicholson Road and Ranford Road while providing the first east-west rail link connecting the Armadale and Mandurah lines.

For further information on the shutdown, visit Building For Tomorrow.

General works update 

NETRONET will be wrapping up preparation of various sites along the rail corridor prior to the shutdown. These works will occur 7am-7pm, Monday to Saturday throughout October.

Out-of-hours works are planned as follows:

  • Sunday 1 October, 7am-7pm
  • Friday 13 October, 7pm to Monday 16 October, 7am (continuous works during Armadale/Thornlie line closure)
  • Sunday 29 October to Monday 6 Novermber 11pm to 4am. 

Locations for works include: 

  • Victoria Park and Welshpool stations
  • South side of Victoria Park Station platform
  • Within the rail corridor from Axon Avenue to Miller Street
  • Rutland Avenue, north side of Victoria Park Station
  • Various locations inside and outside of the rail corridor.

To speak to someone regarding the works, including out-of-hours, refer to METRONET contact details at the top of this page. 

Property pre-condition surveys

The State Government is offering free property condition surveys for all property owners within 100m of the rail line (properties on either side of the yellow lines marked on the maps below) as part of the METRONET Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal Project.

McDonald Surveys will conduct the survey to document your property's pre-construction condition as the project prepares for major works to begin later this year. If you haven't received a letter or need to make a survey booking, contact McDonald Surveys at 08 9353 6140.

The Town provides this information on behalf of METRONET.

Bus Interchange

Works to build a temporary bus interchange at Victoria Park Station have begun along Kitchener Avenue, taking place 7am-7pm, Monday-Saturday.

Works will stretch along Kitchner Ave between Duncan and Gresham streets, with the completed interchange to replace normal operation of the rail line during the scheduled shutdown (see information further above).

Priority bus lanes 

In addition to the temporary bus interchanges above, METRONET has begun works to install ~1.2km of bus priority lanes on Welshpool and Shepperton roads, and Albany Highway. 

Works will include modifications for turning in and out of Welshpool Road at Norman and Forward streets, and changes to turning lanes at the Shepperton Road/Welshpool Road/Albany Highway intersection.

Right-turn vehicle movements on Albany Highway and Shepperton Road will be restricted to improve traffic flow, and a signalised predestrian crossing will be installed north of Sommerset Street for pedestrians and walkers as per the map below. 

Works to install right-turn restrictions are anticipated between August and October 2023.


Stations and surrounding public space

With the stations and related infrastructure now fixed and the Armadale Line Upgrade Alliance selected to remove the Victoria Park-Canning level crossings, the next stage is focusing on detailed design, architecture and the features of the public space created by elevating the rail. 

New elevated stations will be built at Carlisle, Oats Street, Queens Park and Cannington to enable safer and improved rail connections to schools and businesses.

Early design work for the stations and related infrastructure has been shaped by stakeholder and community feedback, and includes:

  • Single elevated rail structures to minimise visual clutter and street-level impacts, and maximise public open space and landscaping.
  • Relocation of Carlisle Station entrance closer to Mint/Archer Street to improve local connections.
  • Station entrances on either side of Oats Street for easy and safe access to the station and new bus interchange.
  • A ground-level principal shared path along the rail line for easy access to stations and surrounding areas.
  • Maintaining existing parking at all stations. Parking at Welshpool Station will be redistributed between neighbouring stations.
  • Dedicated areas of activity in the public open space, with a strong emphasis on native planting.

Early work on these and other projects along the Armadale line is already underway.

For details on the new stations, check out the fact sheets below.

Carlisle Station Public Space Fact Sheet

Oats St Station Public Space Fact Sheet

Development application

The development application related to the construction of the proposed Carlisle and Oats Street Stations, as well as landscaping for the Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal project was considered and approved by The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in February 2023.

To review the application material, visit the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage's consultation website here.

NOTE: Whilst the Town received lodgement of the development application, it was not the determining authority. The Town provided recommendations to WAPC, which made the final decision. Negotiations between the Town and the State are ongoing concerning responsibility for matters such as ongoing maintenance of the public realm areas post completion. 


METRONET has advised that removal of some existing vegetation along the rail corridor is unavoidable to allow works to go ahead, but that it aims to retain as many trees as possible during works and achieve a 20% increase on current levels of canopy cover in the project area upon completion.

Local, native flora species will be used to support biodiversity, provide habitat for native fauna and minimise water use. 

Tree selection will be informed by the audit of existing trees undertaken in 2022, with black cockatoos to be discouraged from nesting within the corridor to minimise risk of conflict with trains.

For more information, see METRONET's Tree Fact sheet or visit its news section.

Western Power works

As part of removing the level crossings, Western Power’s overhead transmission lines will be moved out of the rail corridor to make room for future works and the elevated rail infrastructure.

This will be delivered in two stages: 

Stage One - underground transmission power and remove 10 large lattice towers north of Oats Street. These are the high voltage power lines on steel towers and steel poles. 

Stage Two - options are being considered to consolidate transmission lines south of Oats Street Station, which may impact some distribution assets. Design work is currently underway.

Read more on the Western Power Fact Sheet.

Power line relocation

Underground cabling will be installed along Beatty Avenue, Swansea, Withnell and Somerset streets in East Victoria Park.

Works include:

  • fencing off a section of John Bissett Park for use as a laydown area
  • removing the road surface
  • digging trenches
  • installing cabling
  • resurfacing the road.

Works will occur in 100m sections to minimise disruption to residents and traffic management will be in place as traffic will be reduced to single lane in work areas.

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