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  1. Devices must be installed within the Town of Victoria Park and remain within the Town.
  2. Applications will not be approved for improvements, repairs or additions to existing devices
  3. If the applicant is not the property owner, there must be permission from the property owner or agent authorised to act on their behalf before the security device(s) are purchased and installed.
  4. One application per property will be considered each Financial Year.
  5. The applicant must not have any current outstanding debt with the Town. Local, State, and Federal Government properties are not eligible for funding.
  6. Allocating funding to a project remains at the Town’s discretion. The Town provides no guarantee that a Security Incentive Scheme rebate can be provided to all applicants if the allocated budget is fully expended prior to the end of the financial year.
  7. The invoice must be paid in full within twelve (12) months of the installation.
  8. The Town will rebate part of the cost of the security devices, up to $500. Allocating funding to a project remains at the Town’s discretion.
  9. Property investors are restricted to claim a maximum-security rebate of $500 per Financial Year.
  10. Strata's can receive larger rebates if they submit the application on behalf of the residents who installed upgrades. The strata must contact the town before installation.
  11. The devices must be fully paid for, and all forms be completed in full before the rebate is issued.
  12. Eligibility for upgrades on outbuildings such as sheds or granny flats will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  13. If the applicant opts for a payment plan, seek advice from the Town.
  14. The applicant is ineligible if they are an elected member, staff of the Town or an immediate family member.
  15. The Town reserves the right to cancel rebate arrangements at any time if the above conditions have not been satisfactorily met. The Town is not liable for any cost incurred by the applicant.
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Rebate payment details

A Town officer will contact you to confirm the account details for your rebate.

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