Council Invests in Future with 2023/24 Budget

Published on Thursday, 10 August 2023 at 1:51:10 PM

Victoria Park Council has voted to adopt a future-focused budget for the 2023-2024 financial year, with an ambitious capital works program aimed at improving access to public places, connecting the community, and replacing outdated facilities with modern fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

“This is a budget that delivers now and for the future. We’re investing a record $35million in roads, paths and cycleways, improving parks and new and upgraded Town buildings and facilities that will help our community to feel safer, more included and connected than ever before, and proud of the place where they live,” said Mayor Karen Vernon.

Major priority projects include the upgrade of Edward Millen Park, the next stage of the Rutland Avenue Principal Shared Path, the next stage of bicycle lanes on Archer St, the rehabilitation of the Kent Street Sandpit and the new community sport and recreation facility at Lathlain Park.

“When I talk to our residents, they tell me they love the convenient location of the area, with leafy green streets, beautiful public open spaces, and a variety of activities. They also say they want to feel safer, have a diverse range of exciting amenities close to home and be assured the fundamental services are still being delivered. This budget will deliver on those needs and desires, making our community more liveable and connected for years to come,” said Mayor Vernon.

The community can also look forward to a refurbished library with digital device lending, upgraded indoor and hydrotherapy pools at Aqualife, and an extension of the Town’s vibrant calendar of events.
Environmental initiatives include the ongoing rollout of Garden Organics (GO) bins and support for residents to compost, switch to cloth nappies and switch to solar power.

After several years of no or low rates increases since 2019, this year’s rates increase will assist with important budget repair to ensure continuous quality services and forward planning for the future.

The Town will continue to advocate to State and Federal governments for greater funding through grants and reciprocal agreements to ensure community facilities and infrastructure are funded responsibly.

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