Paving the way at Ceres Lane

Published on Thursday, 24 August 2023 at 1:35:34 PM

The Town of Victoria Park has been working collaboratively with residents of Ceres Lane in Carlisle to improve access for the rear-block residences which come off the laneway.

Previously known as ROW 33, the laneway was formally named Ceres Lane by the Town and it became dedicated as a road in 2021. We're now resurfacing the laneway to further improve access for our community, using award-winning and environmentally friendly 100% Recycled Cold Emulsion Asphalt (RCEA).

Due to its recycled composition, RCEA is more sustainable, uses less energy and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional hot-mixed asphalt, while being a sturdy choice for local roads.

The newly paved laneway is anticipated to be completed by the end of October. We're excited to create a more accessible Ceres Lane for the residents, whilst utilising a more cost effective, sustainable and innovative product that protects our Vic Park environment.

Pictured below: Mayor Karen Vernon and Ceres Lane locals checking out the progress of the works in early August.


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